Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday Juliana!

Juliana turns 10 years old today! She has been so excited to finally reach this milestone in her life!
We had a fun party on Saturday, with some close friends. We had so much fun tie-dying t-shirts. Of course, we tried it out the day before, so Juliana was able to wear her t-shirt for the party! It looks really good!

During the party, I used the dye on some watercolour paper as well. The next day, I used it to make thank you cards. I also used it for Juliana's birthday card. I simply used the top note die to cut it out.

We went to Co-op, and managed to find some wonderful 'tie-dyed' cupcakes. The store puts 7 cupcakes in a circle and ices them like a cake. It was just too pretty. The lady behind the counter also decorated some extra white cupcakes for us. She was so pleasant and helpful.

Happy birthday, Juliana! We love you!!

Susan Bruyn
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