Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Springtime Snowfall

We have had quite the spring so far! It keeps snowing here in Calgary - there is more snow forecast for tonight!

Here are some photos of the snowfall from March 22! My husband and eldest son were away, so it was up to Timmy to help me shovel snow.

We had 6 1/2 inches of snow overnight, and it was very heavy to shovel. Timmy was a great help! He also shovelled a neighbor's driveway!

In spite of the snow, there is evidence that spring is on the way! This jack bunny was enjoying the sun on my front driveway, just behind the van! I had ladies over, and kids in the house, and this bunny wasn't worried about the noise level! See how he is changing color already!

I also went out just before the snowstorm and found my tulips coming up! I love the hope that spring brings - no matter how miserable and cold winter is, it is always followed by spring and new life!Posted by Picasa

Have a great day, everyone!
Susan Bruyn