Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pattern's Great Adventure

This is Patterns. Patterns is a leapord gecko. She lived at our house for about 2 years, and then joined the kids at school again (which is where we originally got her). Just over three weeks ago, Patterns moved to Juliana's class, Grade 3/4. After just two days in the class, she escaped and got lost.

I brought flashlights at the end of that school day, and we hunted everywhere for her. Alas, Patterns was not to be found. After two weeks, we mourned for our Patterns, and assumed that she was lost for good.

This past Monday night, our school caretaker, Ken, went to enter the classroom. He unlocked the door, and almost left, as he couldn't remember what he needed in the classroom. He decided to check out the room anyway. He opened the door and turned on the lights. Nothing was there. Then, he happened to glance down - to his amazement, there was Patterns on the floor at his feet!!! She was very cold and very, very hungry!
When the children arrived the next day (yesterday), they found Pattern's cage all set up with water in the dish and the heat lamp on. There was a note saying that Patterns had returned home again!! What a true miracle!! I made Ken this fun card which has miniature geckos all over it. The kids are all going to sign it to thank him for going the extra mile and finding our lost gecko!!

I just love stories with happy endings, don't you!!

Susan and Juliana Bruyn
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