Monday, May 31, 2010

"It's a Guy Thing" and Busy Kids

I taught a class a few weeks ago. I titled it "It's a Guy Thing." We practiced stencilling on cards for men. I cut images from the Sizzix Big Shot and sponged around the negative images. My son found some camoflouge duct tape, and insisted that I use it on one card. I really like how these two cards turned out.

Juliana has had fun with my sewing machine. At Easter, she took a class at the local sewing store, and made herself this lovely jacket! She worked really hard, and learned a lot about sewing.

Here's the finished jacket! Didn't she do a lovely job!

The day before Mother's day, the children took me to the local toy store, where they made some fun Lego Roses - they look a lot like tulips to me! Timmy made two, so he could give one to Oma S. It was so nice of Lego to make this opportunity possible. The kids had so much fun, and were very pleased with their pretty flowers!

Take care, and have a great day! Susan Bruyn
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